Trü Tech Talk!  Behind the scene insights into the creation processes of Trü-Hybrid Jewels, The Ultimate Simulated Diamond.

**Trü-Hybrid’s brand new infusion technology and cutting perfection has trüly achieved the finest in diamond simulants!**

1. Overview :: Trü-Hybrid jewels are a stunningly amazing new “forever” jewel made by creating temper-hardened crystals in a sterile, high-tech laboratory environment, then infusing diamond grade carbon into the crystal. Using the same processes used for analyzing mined diamond crystals, the rough material is chosen for size and shape for cutting yield. The crystals are cooled slowly to retain their hardness, toughness and durability. The rough crystal is then analyzed by the diamond cutter to determine the best strategy to yield the largest and most brilliant shaped jewel.

2. Cutting :: Each Trü-Hybrid jewel is hand-cut to super-ideal angles for maximum diamond-like sparkle, powerful refractivity and light dispersion. Once each crystal is selected for its optimal size and shape, our veteran master diamond cutters hand-cut and polish each Trü-Hybrid jewel to ideal, precision angles and polishing standards. The Trü-Hybrid gem artisans have perfected precise the mathematical facet angles for optimal light return and performance…just like that of the finest of Earth-mined diamonds.

3. Mid-Process Checkpoints :: The faceted crystals are now analyzed with a 62 point checklist, including the following beauty factors:

  • Clarity&Purity : IF – Flawless – VVS1 minimum

  • Color : D to E minimum

  • Facet junction sharpness : Excellent (EX)

  • Facet symmetry : Excellent (EX)

  • Facet angles consistently Super-Ideal

  • Facet polish consistently flawless

  • Culet : None

  • Fluorescence : None

  • Depth to width ratio : Ideal

  • Girdle thickness : Thin to Medium

4. Ionic Diamond Infusion (IDI) Diamond Application :: Only the finest, select jewels are chosen for this final IDI stage. TRÜ-HYBRID is a proprietary brand using Ionic Diamond Infusion (IDI) technologies to effectively produce a superior diamond simulant. This IDI process permeates the finished crystals with millions of nanoscopic diamond crystals, forming a permanent and solid (non-porous) diamond surface. This state-of-the-art IDI Diamond Application technology is more than just a coating as it actually becomes part of the jewel, resulting in a spectacularly beautiful diamond/crystal hybrid that will never separate. The Trü-Hybrid IDI diamond/crystal hybrid is also easier to clean than other simulants and yields a durability rating like that of natural sapphire (corundum).

5. Final Polish :: Once this IDI process is complete, the jewel is then returned to the diamond cutters for final polishing.

6. Quality Inspection :: Each Trü-Hybrid jewel is inspected by quality control (QC) for surface finish and optimal light performance.

7. On to market* :: Trü-Hybrid is now ready for purchase and setting.

*Trü-Hybrid production is steady, but not unlimited. Backorders are filled in the order of consumer purchase date.